Some Suggestions for the Purr-fact Cat Day

by Murphy Baker
Some Suggestions for the Purr-fact Cat Day - BeachsideBits

Did you catch the news?

Meow! It’s International Cat Day, friends!



If you’re wondering how to celebrate the day, we have a few suggestions:


  • Get some snuggles in with your furry friend!

Being chosen by a cat that lets you curl up with them must be what winning the lottery feels like. If you’re one of God’s favorites and your cat allows snuggles, we’re jealous of you, you lucky son of a gun!


  • Have a playtime date!

If your kitty is more of the need-my-personal-space type, they still probably like attention. Set aside 30 minutes for your feline friend to play with their favorite toy.


  • Visit a cat cafe, if your area has one.

Some cities have cafes, where you can go snuggle up with kitties that are usually up for adoption. You can go get a cup of tea or coffee and hang with the kitties. Think it sounds like heaven? It just might be! Maybe you’ll even have your heart won over while there, and go home with a new friend!


  • Get earrings that look like your cat!

At beachside bits, we have 27 different cat earring designs. Yes, 27 - you heard that right! Check them out yourself, if you don’t believe us. This means you’ll most likely find one that has your kitty’s color or fur pattern. Your best friend will be with you even when you have to leave them at home to go to school or work.


  • Treat your cat to a delicacy of their choice!

What’s that one treat that gets your kitties mouth watering at first sight? Tuna cookies, maybe? Whatever your favorite housemate’s fine palate regards highly, now is the time to whip it out! Your cat will appreciate it.


We don’t know who said this, but there’s a line that goes like “Cats leave paw prints in your heart, forever and always.” We couldn’t agree more! Cherish your feline friend and make sure to enjoy every moment you get to spend with them. Cats are truly special.


Have a purr-fect Sunday!



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