Cute & Classy Earrings For Cat Lovers

by Murphy Baker
Cute & Classy Earrings For Cat Lovers - BeachsideBits

4 Pieces of Jewelry For Cat Lovers

Cats — curious, inquisitive, and affectionate — are some of our most beloved pets.


With their patient and mischievous nature, it’s not hard to see why so many of us have found a four-legged best friend in our housecats.


To celebrate our furry friends, we’ve created a collection of fun and adorable cat-inspired jewelry that showcases just what makes the cats in our lives so special!

Tuxedo Cat Earrings

Our first pick is our popular and incredibly adorable pair of calico Tuxedo Cat earrings that features two kawaii-style kittens dangling by the scruff.


Tuxedo Cats Dangle Earrings 


Each earring is handmade, has a 1.75-inches drop length, and comes with nickel-free KC gold-plated metal alloy hooks or gold-plated brass huggies.


Whether you’re looking for an adorable addition to your favorite outfit or a fun and colorful accessory for a night on the town, these adorable earrings will undoubtedly be the talk of the table.

Cat Mom Succulent Earrings

Next up is our Cat Mom Succulent earrings that are perfect for desert-dwelling cat lovers.


Cat Mom Succulent Earrings 


These cute art-deco-style earrings feature a pair of whimsical succulents embellished with delicate gold accents and an adorably cozy kitten curled up below.


Each earring is handcrafted with love and is available in both nickel-free KC gold-plated metal alloy hooks or gold-plated brass huggies.

Space Cat UFO Earrings

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world accessory, look no further than our Space Cat UFO earrings that feature a pair of adorable hungry cats beaming up a fish to their spacecraft.


Space Cat UFO Earrings 


Each Space Cat UFO earring has a 2-inch drop length and is light and comfortable to wear whether you’re heading out of this world or staying in for a night with friends.


Plus, each adorable cat charm is secured with a set of nickel-free KC gold-plated metal alloy hooks or gold-plated brass huggies.

Memorial Necklace

Last but not least is a piece near and dear to our hearts that honors the feline friends who’ve left this planet.


Our Cat Memorial everyday necklace features a beautiful handmade heart-shaped charm that is laser-engraved with inspiring words of wisdom to help you remember your feline best friend.


Cat Memorial Necklace 


Each necklace is handmade with love and is available in different lengths, making it a timeless piece that can be worn each and every day.

Looking For More?

Our feline-friendly collection doesn’t stop here!


You can shop our entire collection of cat-inspired jewelry here and share your favorites with the cat lovers in your life.


Plus, each and every Beachside Bits order can be customized and comes wrapped in gorgeous packaging.

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