5 Spooky Animal-Themed Halloween Earrings

by Murphy Baker
5 Spooky Animal-Themed Halloween Earrings - BeachsideBits

Few things are more precious than animals dressed in Halloween costumes.


To show how much we love animals dressed in spooky costumes and ghoulish gear, Beachside Bits has created a line of Halloween-themed animal jewelry that’s sure to steal your heart!

Witch Hat Fish Earrings

It’s hard to argue with just how adorable these Witch Hat Fish earrings are! With a festive witch’s hat and an iconic goldfish face, these earrings are guaranteed to be the talk of the table!


Each Witch Hat Fish earring features an adorable bright orange goldfish pendant complete with a black witch’s hat and a 1.75-inch drop length.


Witch Hat Fish Earrings 


These earrings can be secured by stainless steel hooks or brass-plated huggies and come wrapped in complimentary gift packaging.

Halloween Skeleton Cat

Up next is a pair of Skeleton Cat earrings that are absolutely PURR-fect for the cat lovers in your life.


These adorable handmade Skeleton Cat earrings feature delicate gold accents across the body with a 1.75-inch drop length to provide optimal comfort all day long.


Halloween Skeleton Cat 


Each charm is secured by either a stainless steel hook or a set of brass-plated huggies — whichever you’d prefer!


Whether you’re looking to embellish your Day of the Dead outfit or just want a fun and funky accessory, these Cat Skeleton earrings will surely meet your expectations!

Green Snake Earrings

Slithering and spooky, these Green Snake earrings are an excellent choice for reptile lovers.


These unique and quirky Green Snake earrings feature two deep green marbled snake charms decorated with celestial images and a dazzling dangle.


Green Snake Earrings 


Each gorgeous snake charm measures 3.5 inches long, has a light and comfortable fit perfect for all-day wear and comes with complementary packaging.

Howling Wolf Earrings

No Halloween season is complete without a wolf howling at the moon!


These Howling Wolf earring features a stunning Celtic-style pentagram moon and a silver wolf howling.


Howling Wolf Earrings 


The howling wolf and moon charm measures 2-inches and can be paired with KC gold-plated metal alloy hooks with silicone backings, or a pair of brass-plated huggies.


Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a wolf-loved in your life, these lightweight stainless steel wolf-inspired earrings won’t disappoint.

Vampire Bat Earrings

Last but not least is our favorite Vampire Bat earrings that feature a half-skeleton, half-bat creature making its way through the night.


Skeleton Bat Earrings 


Each earring features a vampire bat half skeleton charm with gold accents throughout the body and measures just 1.5-inches, making these earrings incredibly comfortable and lightweight!


This fun and funky look is completed by securing the charms with either KC gold-plated metal alloy hooks with silicone backings, or a pair of brass-plated huggies.

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I just received my earrings and the quality, the packaging, the color is INSANE. Please do not hesitate one second to buy from this store. These are amazing and the store owners are angels! ❤️ ” - Visser

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