4 Spooktacular Earrings For Fall

by Murphy Baker
4 Spooktacular Earrings For Fall - BeachsideBits

Fall In Love With These Spooktacular Earrings

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to sprinkle your wardrobe with fun and festive jewelry that awakens the Halloween spirit inside us all.


Whether you’re looking for a custom addition to your costume or just want a spooky accessory to light up an everyday outfit, we’ve got you covered with our fun and festive collection of Halloween earrings.


From adorable black cats to spooky coffins, our collection of spooktacular hand-crafted earrings is perfect for all of your ghoulish needs.

Witches Brew Earrings

Up first is a funky and fun choice for coffee lovers who rise from the crypt only after a good cup of joe.


These spooky handmade art-deco acrylic Witches Brew earrings pay homage to the coffee lovers in our lives and feature a 1.75-inch drop length and lightweight design.

 Witches Brew Earrings


Each adorable witches brew mug is secured with wire hooks and kidney wire, making them a comfortable and lightweight option perfect for costumes or everyday wear.

Ouija Board Coffins Earrings

Next up is a horror-fan favorite: Spooky Ouija Board Coffin earrings that are guaranteed to add a little mystery to your Halloween costume or favorite fall outfit.



Our Ouija Board Coffin earrings feature a 2.5-inch drop length and a lightweight design that’s perfect for all-day wear.


Each earring is spectacularly spooky and includes two double-sided coffins in the shape of an ouija board secured by stainless steel wire hooks.


Whether you’re looking to add a spooky element to your Halloween costume or just want a cute and festive accessory, these earrings are perfect for you!

Halloween Pumpkin Cats Earrings

Up next is one of our Halloween favorites that combines the cuteness of a black cat with the signature smile of a jack-o-lantern!


Our Halloween Pumpkin Cats earrings are just too adorable to resist and are PURR-fect for everyday wear!


These earrings feature an adorable 1.5-inch orange pumpkin cat charm secured by black enamel-plated zinc alloy hooks and silicone backing.


For those looking to showcase their spooky fun side, these earrings are just the thing.

Blood Splattered Evil Eye Earrings

Last but not least is our fun and quirky Blood Splattered Evil Eye earrings that are perfect for any day of the week.


These earrings feature bloody glass beads and stainless steel charms in the shape of an evil eye that delivers an edgy gothic aesthetic.



The Blood Splattered Evil Eye earrings are also available in a charm-only variation that includes a 1.5-inch stainless steel evil eye charm for a minimalistic look.

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Beachside Bits offers custom options on all of our spooky Halloween earrings and ships orders in cute and complimentary gift packaging!


You can shop our entire collection of spooktacular earrings here and order a matching set of earrings for you and your ghoulish pals.



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